Vista Property Group focuses primarily on investments in key urban centers and the surrounding neighborhoods, with a particular emphasis on retail and mixed-use properties in high-density areas.  Generally, we employ two strategies in these markets:

Wealth management – with at least 50% of our capital, we aim to acquire stable, cash-flowing, irreplaceable properties in premier locations, with long-term potential for an increased rents.  Our generational approach utilizes patience, together with attractive long-term financing, to participate in trending markets over periods of 5 to 25 years. Usually, below market and affordable rents are a primary concern here, even if the initial profile of the deal does not provide for outsized immediate returns.

Value Creation – the balance of our focus is centered on overlooked and undervalued retail real estate assets in emerging or improving markets.  We seize long-term opportunities using our expertise in development, leasing, management, and construction.  The vacancy and development risks of these investments often discourage others, and the more limited competition enables Vista to transact in an opportunistic fashion, regardless of market cycles.

For both strategies, we utilize a thorough underwriting approach, strong banking relationships, and our reputation as reliable buyers to advance through diligence quickly, and accelerate the closing process for sellers.